Petty crime doesn’t pay: Waynesboro man charged with drug possession, false ID to an officer

19 July 2023- A Hagerstown man is allegedly found with cocaine and drug paraphernalia after police approach him in the Waynesboro Walmart parking lot following a call for retail theft. Michael James Petty is behind bars on $50,000 bail after being charged with misdemeanor possession of a controlled substance, two counts of misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession, and misdemeanor false identification to an officer. Petty, in current filings, has not been charged with retail theft.

On July 17th, Washington Township PD were dispatched to the Walmart in Waynesboro for an alleged active retail theft. Callers from the store allegedly told police that a man who was known for previous retail thefts was again in the store and was suspected to commit the charge again. The man, now known to be Michael Petty, was allegedly last seen walking away from the store with the cart of merchandise.

When police arrived on scene, the found the car and suspect that matched the description of the perpetrator, identifying him as Michael Petty. Police asked for identification for him and his driver, with Petty allegedly answering “Jeremy Brennan Petty” with a DOB in June of 1983. When police asked him again what his name was, Petty allegedly changed the DOB, before eventually telling them his real name and DOB. He was subsequently taken into custody.

When Petty’s person was searched, police allegedly found a pack of cigarettes and a Maryland license with Petty’s name on it. Inside of the pack police allegedly found a plastic baggie with a white powdery substance. Petty allegedly later confirmed that it was cocaine and he was an active user.

After Petty was taken into custody, police spoke to the Walmart employees. A final total of the shopping cart allegedly taken by Petty came to $697.10. Petty allegedly pushed the cart of merchandise to the front of the store and was looking for an opening to cut to the general merchandise exit. It was at that point Petty reportedly abandoned the cart and left, only to be found a short while later by police in the parking lot.

Michael Petty is behind bars on $50,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for July 25th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39303-CR-0000098-2023, Incident No.: WTPD-2023-06325