People can’t wait to see what President Biden does during his first press conference on Thursday

March 22 – With the President finally scheduling his first press conference since he took office on Thursday, speculation abounds as to what might happen.

It’s just been in the last week that the media has started to put pressure on the Biden administration for some of its policies – like the Washington Post article with the headline: “‘No end in sight’: Inside the Biden administration’s failure to contain the border surge” – and that could be from this administration’s lack of talking to the press.

Indeed, aides have been known to get Biden out of the picture pretty quickly when the press starts to ask questions – no matter where he is.

On Thursday, that all changes.

President Biden will face the White House Press Corps – a group of reporters from a variety of media outlets, including Fox News, Breitbart and even some national magazines – and he will do it all on his own, no aides, no notes and no breaks.

One hour. Face the press. Answer the questions.

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that one of the major questions will include what’s happening at the southern border.

The word “crisis” almost doesn’t seem strong enough to describe it anymore.

In the month of March, alone, it’s been reported that 15,000 unaccompanied minors have crossed the border and now need housing in the U.S. Some are being housed in hotels in the area, while others are being bused to other parts of the country – including right in our backyard in Virginia.

Additionally, it’s been discovered that a lot of the children crossing the border aren’t actually from Mexico. They’re from Guatemala or Honduras and have traveled through Mexico (with the Mexican government doing nothing to stop them) to get to the Texas border.

There’s also been some reporting that Biden might make a trip to the border before Thursday or attempt to roll out some legislation to address the issue.

All that remains to be seen.

What we do know is the time has come for President Biden to answer the questions.

Attorney Clint Barkdoll, Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen discussed the issue today on The Big Talk (7:11am weekdays).

“The border crisis is a total mess,” Barkdoll said. “One thing we’re seeing discussed is can the US government get Mexico engaged to stop these people when they initially enter Mexico?”

It’s possible to grant asylum while they are still in Mexico and have the Mexican government shelter them and sort this out.

“This is a really difficult problem and I think politically it’s becoming a really big problem for Joe Biden and the democrats,” Barkdoll said.

We’ll see what President Biden has to say on Thursday. And how he says it.

Will he stumble? Will he forget words? Will he call Vice President Harris the President again?

“The bar is set so low for Joe Biden,” Barkdoll said. “When he performs very marginally, he can spin it as a smashing success.”

Will the press interrogate him like they did President Trump?

There’s so much hype about this press conference, it’s quickly approaching “Must See TV.”

Stay tuned…