Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court voids state’s entrance into RGGI

01 November 2023- Pennsylvania House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) applauded a decision by the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Wednesday voiding Pennsylvania’s entrance into the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), a multi-state energy tax program that would have increased the costs on Pennsylvanians to heat their homes and turn on the lights.

“The unlawful entrance into RGGI by the prior administration was a slap in the face to Pennsylvanians who continue to deal with rising energy prices and increasing inflation. Today’s decision by the Commonwealth Court is a positive development in ensuring that RGGI will not add to increasing energy costs on Pennsylvania families,” Cutler said.

Wednesday’s Commonwealth Court opinion comes on the heels of Gov. Josh Shapiro’s RGGI Working Group’s refusal to endorse the program.

“I encourage the Shapiro administration, which has thus far refused to completely embrace RGGI and its associated energy tax, to not appeal today’s Commonwealth Court decision and give Pennsylvanians the certainty that this program will not add to the increasing costs they face,” Cutler added.

“The House Republican Caucus remains ready, willing and able to work with all interested parties to find a sound path forward for Pennsylvania’s energy development in a way that respects the pocketbook issues of our families who are already facing increasing energy prices and the overall economic health of our Commonwealth,” Cutler finished with.