Pastor John Hodge leaves a legacy

November 21 – Pastor John Hodge, a figure very familiar within the rooms and studio of NewsTalk 103.7FM, passed away on Wednesday, November 15. 

His loss has been felt throughout the area, as he was deeply involved with Calvary Independent Baptist Church in McConnellsburg and with this radio station. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Pastor Hodge’s family and friends during this difficult time. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “Our program today is dedicated to Pastor John Hodge, who loved God, loved his family, loved America. A true fighter right to the end.” 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “He had a lot of really good insights on local and state and national affairs. I can remember talking to him and he would be just incredibly frustrated with this two party system. He would very openly criticize the Republicans and the Democrats for their inability to get things done. I think that’s why people loved him. I mean, he was just a straight shooter. He told it like it was and it’s certainly a huge loss for his church and that community over there in Fulton County and boy, what an example though he said for so many people, his struggles over the last few years. You never heard him complain either. He just kept plowing through day after day and it was really a model that people should look at.

“Amen,” Ryan agreed. “Our prayers are with the family and his wife Charlotte, as they try to fill an impossible place to fill.”

Congressman John Joyce said, “Pastor Hodge was truly a man of God. His work both as a minister in Fulton and in Franklin, throughout South Central Pennsylvania and actually throughout the world has left a lasting impression on those he served. Yesterday, I was in Fulton County, and so many individuals told me what impact Pastor Hodge had on their lives, whether it was his service to God, whether it was his service to the military, whether it was his service to community, and they listened to him on 103.7. They connected with him on 103.7. The impact that one man can have, the impact that a man of God has had on our community is truly heartwarming to hear. That is incredible. My prayers are with his family, but my prayers are also with the parishioners, with the community he’s left behind. So that we can carry on the strength, the courage and the faith in God that Pastor Hodge lived every day of his life.” 

Ryan added, “We give strength to Pastor Tim, carrying on the work that Pastor John put down there at Calvary Independent Baptist Church.”