Part-Time Gig Where The Green Is Good!

CHAMBERSBURG – The Borough of Chambersburg would like to hire enthusiastic and community-minded people to serve as Special Events Monitors during public events.

Special Events Monitors work under the supervision of the Chambersburg Police Department to support festivals, parades and special events of various sizes in downtown Chambersburg and throughout the Borough. IceFest, Old Market Day, AppleFest and the Christmas Parade are a few of the largest and most popular events to be supported by these employees.

This is a perfect part-time job opportunity for retirees, college students, or anyone looking to work an extra part-time job, paying $19.56 an hour to work with the Chambersburg Police Department to ensure events are safe and enjoyable for the public.

Special Events Monitors perform a wide variety of tasks to include answering questions, giving directions, providing pedestrian and vehicular traffic control and setting up and tearing down equipment and barricades.

Events are often on holidays and weekends, day and night, so Special Events Monitors must be available whenever needed and often when others are off work, celebrating or vacationing. While this is a year around position, most events are held between April and November.

Candidates for this position must be at least 18 years of age and have the ability to successfully become a Pennsylvania Department of Transportation certified traffic control flagger. Any required training will be provided by the Borough.

Events for 2023 are being scheduled now, so please visit the Borough website to apply for the Extra Part-Time Auxiliary Police Special Events Monitor position.