Part Of Wesel Boulevard Ordered Closed During Construction

HAGERSTOWN – The city will save around $300,000 after agreeing to shut down part of Wesel Boulevard while it’s being reconstructed. 

The decision was made during a city council meeting Tuesday. 

“We checked with the fire department and the police department and they said they can work with us for a couple of months,” said City Engineer, Rodney Tissue. 

The street closure starts next week and will create significant delays in the area. 
Crews said plans are in place to allow access for the more than 200 trucks that enter the construction zone on a daily basis. 

“The contractor came to the city and said we can probably speed up the process and save some money,” said Communications Officer, Wes Decker. “We agreed to close a significant stretch of Wesel Boulevard from Burhans Boulevard to around Wesel Storage Center and Noland Company.” 

The city council approved a multi-million dollar project in August that includes widening and reconstructing Wesel Boulevard from Burhans to Chick-fil-A.