Parks Service eyes late spring, early summer ’24 for Little Round Top reopening at Gettysburg

24 January 2024- After extensive repairs, reconstruction, and even undetonated ordinance, Gettysburg’s National Military Park looks set to reopen the famed Little Round Top right on schedule.

Closed since July of 2022, the area on Little Round Top is one of the most famous and equally favorite spots on the battlefield for all travelers, especially considering its prominence in the legend of the battle and the popularity of the 1993 movie of the same name as the battle.

The park says that their rehabilitation of the site “will address overwhelmed parking areas, poor accessibility and related safety hazards, significant erosion, and degraded vegetation.”

Officially updating their window on when the space will be reopened to the public, park officials have deemed late Spring to early Summer, 2024 as the next time the area will be reopen to the public.

The repairs have gone well enough since they started in 2022, minus what could have been an explosive problem last winter. Crews working the area around Little Round Top and Devil’s Den discovered an unexploded shell belonging to one of the cannons used in the battle, likely 10lbs Parrott gun or a 3″ Ordinance rifle. That shell was quickly taken care of and exploded by EOD techs from the US Army base Fort Belvoir in Virginia.