Parents be careful of Roblox – yeah, we didn’t know what it was either

December 21 – It sounds like something right out of the 1980s. Roblox is a very popular online gaming platform where creators can design their own game. 

Anyone can sign up to play, but kids apparently are just eating this up. 

It’s all free, but as a person is developing the worlds or games, purchases can be made within the platform that enhance the experience. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “It’s like Legos, but you go on there and build your own images that can actually turn into gaming.” 

When purchases are made, it’s called Robux. 

Robux are where things can get pretty dicey. If parents have credit cards attached to the app, kids can go crazy spending on the games. 

In fact, a Phoenix, AZ, mom recently had almost $900 taken from her account because of Robux – and it was money she was saving for Christmas. 

Barkdoll warned, “If you’re a parent, be really careful. Don’t load your credit card onto these platforms because the kids could find a workaround and just run up those charges like crazy.” 

The gift cards for Robux are very popular. 

Barkdoll said, “I would say to anybody, don’t put your credit card on any of these platforms. It is a problem. You see these stories pop up where someone’s credit card got charged thousands and thousands of dollars because the kid is on the Roblox platform and just keeps racking up all of these purchases. If your credit card’s tied to it, there’s no way to stop it.”