Parent calls out CASD board in letter

Editor’s note: This is a letter that was sent to the Chambersburg Area School Board and shared with NewsTalk 103.7/

Chambersburg School Board Members:

YouTube kicked me off the other night at hour 11 p.m.  I’m listening to the rest of the board meeting now. 

Ed Norcross told the public listening over YouTube that 52 cases of COVID-19 out of 10,000 people within the past six weeks was all this school district experienced. 

Ed Norcross is correct. That works out to .5 percent. 

And in that six-week period of time, too, those inside those buildings have recovered from it. This virus isn’t one that lasts six weeks. Except for Mark Schur, none of you listened to Ed Norcross.

When I finally have my say with you in that board room of yours, I’m going to ask Dr. Baker whether he’ll accept a virtual check from me when I go to pay my taxes to Kristine Crawford. (By the way, Mrs. Crawford has three children in the Chambersburg School District. She and I had a lovely chat, yesterday.)

Point-of-fact: The CDC just changed the protocol on COVID-19, yet again:– 

What does that mean for us in this household of ours?  My husband is now out of self-quarantine, so we are headed out to breakfast soon.

You have no understanding of how this virus works, even after eight months. What you have done because of that lack of knowledge will certainly impact our students for many years to come.

How does a student get up to speed with calculus if a parent can’t afford a tutor for his/her child? That child doesn’t. 

My questions are endless to you all. I’m especially disappointed in those educators on this school board that don’t value the fine arts and sports in this district either. 

Why in God’s name would you even vote “no” to allowing the children some NEEDED EXERCISE here?  I’ll willing to pay for those things for our children.  Why? If I was willing to pay for them for my own children, why not someone else’s child in this school district.  If I sound angry here, I am.

Dr. Baker, I don’t know where you are in relationship to your December 15th board meeting of yours, but I would suggest you hold it and reverse course here. Allow the children back into the schools prior to January 15, 2021. More lost learning is more lost learning in my book.

To those parents/taxpayers whom I have blind-copied, please forward this email off to those living within our school district.

To our local politicians, please take note, too. These are our children that we are talking about here.  I’m sure some of you have children attending the Chambersburg School District too.       

Mrs. Valerie Jordan, Fayetteville