PA State Police Update – Animal on 81

16 June 2023 – Official word from PA State Police over social media posts yesterday – 15 June 2023 “Troopers from the Troop H, Chambersburg station were dispatched to a call for an animal on Interstate 81 in Franklin County.  Upon arrival, Troopers discovered that a farm animal (cow) was running in the median between the north and southbound lanes.  Troopers attempted to corral the animal with their vehicles but were unable to do so.  Troopers then exited their vehicles and deployed a taser to slow the animal and finally, used a firearm to incapacitate the animal; which is an approved method of euthanasia as per American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines. 

The Pennsylvania State Police has extensive guidance in place for how and when animal destruction may be undertaken.  That guidance also requires certain administrative review processes that are currently being undertaken to determine if applicable policy was adhered to.  It is noted that Pennsylvania State Police policy does allow for the destruction of farm animals under certain conditions.  It is also noted that a large animal running freely near vehicles traveling at interstate speeds, by its very nature, presents a serious danger to the motoring public.”