PA Senate gives green light to Mastriano’s National Guard request to Southern Border

20 March 2024- The state Senate today approved a resolution introduced by Sen. Doug Mastriano (R-33)  calling on the governor to deploy the Pennsylvania National Guard along Texas’s southern border with Mexico as part of Operation Lone Star.

“Pennsylvania families are being harmed by the influx of immigrants and illegal drugs resulting from lax federal border security measures,” Mastriano said. “States are working together to make up for the federal government’s failure on this important issue.”

Pennsylvanians have an interest in protecting our nation’s southern border and preventing an influx of immigrants and illegal drugs from reaching our communities,” said Mastriano, who serves as chairman of the committee. “Some of the fentanyl that is killing our kids is arriving from Mexico.”

The Senate approved Mastriano’s Senate Resolution 251, which calls on Gov. Josh Shapiro to offer the services of the Pennsylvania National Guard to the state of Texas.

This all comes after the Senate Veterans Affairs and Emergency Preparedness Committee passed Mastriano’s legislation earlier this week. The resolution is nonbinding but instructs the Governor to send the Troops anyways. It will likely not pass through the Democrat controlled House of Representatives.