Pa.’s acting Secretary of Health couples our freedom with being vaccinated in a worrisome quote

CHAMBERSBURG – In a press conference last week, Pennsylvania’s acting Secretary of Health, Alison Beam, pushed everyone, including people in rural areas, to get the vaccine.

She said: “How do we collectively partner on making sure folks understand that the facts and science are there, that the health and safety of our communities is reliant upon us getting vaccinated? And that the freedom that so many folks want, and the local control, will be facilitated best when we have the most folks vaccinated in the community.”

The use of the words “freedom” and “control” in that statement have made some folks a little uneasy.

State Senator Doug Mastriano joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on First News to discuss the issue.

Jansen said the comments, “bothered me a little bit. I’m all for being very accurate about vaccinations and the good they can do, but that seemed a little too much for me.”

Mastriano added, “This time last year the governor issued the statewide shutdown order and that included counties that had one or two cases. They’re going to shut down the entire state because of heavy concentration in some of the populated areas? That’s ridiculous. They’re out of touch in Harrisburg. They need to back off.

He continued, “Our freedoms can’t be snatched away willy nilly as they have the past year. It’s ironic that the president said he’ll bless us with mercy and grace for Independence Day if we comply and obey. I think if you really do listen to that you really don’t get the point of Independence Day.”

Jansen suggested, “Give us the information we need, let us make our own risk assessment for ourselves. Most people are sane. Most people are trying to follow rules. They don’t want to get sick. And they’re not stupid. Stop treating them like they’re stupid.”