PA Republican leaders stand in solidarity with Israel, denounce “Democratic Socialists” marching in Philadelphia

11 October 2023- Pennsylvania House Republican leaders are standing in solidarity with the Israeli people as civilian violence by Hamas, which began on the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, continues to escalate.

“We strongly condemn terrorism against America’s closest ally, the nation of Israel. As terrorists have invaded their sovereign borders, taken hostages, and launched offensive weapons that have killed more than 900 innocent Israelis and injured thousands more, Israel deserves America’s strong support.

“Many hearts are broken, and it will take a very long time for hearts to heal. The Yom Kippur War anniversary rekindled many of the traumatic feelings Israelis who survived that war as wounded and imprisoned soldiers, survivors, spouses, and children and grandchildren of victims have been quietly and privately living with for decades. The wounds from this attack, touching so many families, will likewise linger. The stories of those murdered, wounded and kidnapped within their homes and ‘safe rooms,’ and during their parties and holiday celebrations is heartbreaking.   

“There should be no equivocation on this matter. Those who are marching in Philadelphia and with organizations in line with the Democratic Socialists of America, who count members of the Democratic Party as their members, supporters and political allies, should be ashamed of the dissemination of the worst type of propaganda.

“These are immoral actions that call for bipartisan denunciation. Our prayers are with those who suffered the atrocities of these acts of terror.”

Senator Doug Mastriano, a former US Army Colonel and military intelligence expert, as well, issued statements denouncing the acts perpetrated by Hamas and emphasized the right of Israel to defend itself. His statements are below.

“Today I announced I am introducing a resolution expressing condolence and support for the State of Israel and its People considering today’s barbaric terrorist attacks by Hamas.

“The images we have seen on the news and social media indicate atrocities being committed against Israeli civilians in Southern Israel in horrific fashion and are condemned in the strongest manner.  We stand firmly with the people of Israel and their right to defend themselves.

“These attacks by Hamas are shocking, barbaric and evil; shooting and killing civilians, killing families at rest on Shabbat that is also the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah, and kidnapping women and children.  They amount to war crimes of the worst kind.

“In the history of civilization and freedom, those who burst into people’s homes and slaughter sleeping or resting families and civilians are soon themselves destroyed and brought to justice in the name of everything good and true.  Today, we ask God for the protection of all Israelis and innocent lives, and the restoration of peace in Israel.

“Make no mistake, Israel has every right to defend itself with all due and overwhelming force.  The Senate of Pennsylvania expresses its support for Israel, with whom we have shared a special relationship since its Independence established in 1948.  Our National Guard troops have deployed to the Sinai Peninsula since 2007 as part of an ongoing international peacekeeping mission to ensure that the 1978 Camp David Accords peace agreement between Egypt and Israel is upheld.

“The Abraham Accords have further brought peace and stability to the Middle East, and the Senate of Pennsylvania stands in opposition to any state or entity, including Iran-backed Hamas and Hezbollah, that supports terrorism of any kind or provides aid and support to those who fund terror against it.

“The Senate of Pennsylvania stands resolutely with Israel and prays for the Peace of Jerusalem, calling on all who love freedom and peaceful coexistence to do the same.”