PA officers handle 1.2 million traffic violations a year, and men get the most by far

19 February 2024- We’ve pretty much all done it. Speeding, rolling through a stop sign, drive a little over the registration or inspection sticker date. That doesn’t make it any less illegal, though, and the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania have handled nearly 6 million of those violations from 2018 through 2022 because of it.

While speeding obviously makes up the lion’s share of violations, PA Courts say that they only account for 21% of violations. Coming in tied at second place was driving an unregistered vehicle and operating a vehicle without valid inspection at 10% each. Also on the list, driving while operating privileges suspended or revoked (6%), obedience to traffic-control devices (6%), violating vehicle equipment standards (5%), driving without a license (4%), operating vehicle without required financial responsibility (3%), duties at a stop sign (2%), and violating rules of the PA Turnpike (2%). Those top 10 violations make up 70% of the total traffic violations filed in the Commonwealth.

In total, 5,833,278 violations have been issued in the last 5 years of reported data. That amounts to 3,196 tickets written a day.

Data shows that men account for not just the bulk of traffic citations, but over 60% of them. 63% of tickets are written to men, 32% to women, and a 5% unspecified in police reports. Additionally, 20-29 year olds make up far and away the highest demographic of those ticketed. 30% of all tickets go to those in their 20s, with 24% the next highest for 30-somethings.

We have all heard the old wives tale that red cards are pulled over most often, but that is definitely not true in Pennsylvania. In fact, red cars don’t even make the top 5 in colors pulled over.

The AOPC says that only 9% of ticketed vehicles are red, with black and white making up the bulk of those stopped. This tracks as around 26% of cars in the US are white, 22% are black, and red amounting for just over 8.2%.

The most important question, though, is how much it actually costs you when you get that speeding ticket. According to the court, it doesn’t come cheap. 10mph over the speed limit of 65 or 70mph STARTS at $199, with values doubled if you’re caught speeding in an active work zone, highway safety corridor, or emergency response area. 20mph over the speed limit of 65 or 70mph leads to a base fine around $234.

The takeaways? No matter the time of day, no matter your gender, no matter what color car you drive, speeding and other traffic violations risk your life, other commuter’s lives, and your wallet. Take that into account next time going 90 down I-81 on a Thursday morning.