PA House Republicans step on the gas with discharge petition requiring Holocaust curriculum transparency

25 June 2024- House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler (R-Lancaster) on Monday said a discharge petition is needed to advance House Bill 1986, legislation requiring curriculum transparency in Holocaust education, as House Democrats continue to stall in advancing the measure.

“As antisemitism continues to grab hold of institutions of higher education, it is clear from our work in combatting this form of invidious hate in all levels of education that ignorance of the past is a leading factor in the troubles of today. While many of Pennsylvania’s schools offer some form of education on the Holocaust, students are graduating with an insufficient understanding of the Holocaust and the dangers of antisemitism and hate,” Cutler said.

“Providing transparency in Holocaust education curriculums will help students, families, and policymakers know where weaknesses in Holocaust education exist and what can be done better to ensure the horrors of the past are not repeated in the future.”

A 2023 study by The Economist shows that one in five young Americans believe the Holocaust is a myth.

The legislation providing for curriculum transparency in Holocaust education was referred to the House Education Committee on Jan. 31, but has not received a vote.

“While the dangers of continued ignorance of the Holocaust and antisemitism continue on college campuses across the country, House Democrats have failed to advance this important legislation that can aide in ending misperceptions of one of the most horrific periods of human existence,” Cutler said. “I encourage all members to sign on to this discharge petition so we can have a fair vote and debate about this important issue.”