PA House GOP Members Sponsor Resolution Disputing Certification of the 2020 General Election

HARRISBURG-More than 20 GOP PA House Representatives sponsored a resolution today calling for Governor Wolf and the Secretary of State to vacate certification of the 2020 general election results for the presidential and other statewide electoral contests. They say the election is in dispute due to all the violations of election law by the administration and courts, and due to a substantial number of irregularities in ballot processing at the municipal level.  Several of the sponsors took part in the Senate Majority Policy hearing on election irregularities, in which witnesses with sworn affidavits testified, in Gettysburg this past Wednesday.  These include area Representatives Paul Schemel, Rob Kauffman and Dan Moul.  The resolution also points out that the certification is premature as these issues remain the subject of active litigation and that the certification of the PA presidential election result in 2016, which was also being scrutinized, did not take place until December 12th.  A vote on the resolution in both the House and Senate must be taken before the session ends Monday. It’s not clear what practical effect the resolution may have.