PA Governor Josh Shapiro makes the rounds on the Sunday news shows

February 19 – Our own Governor Josh Shapiro appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday morning where he said he believes the matchup in November will be Biden versus Trump. 

He also noted that polls show that Biden and Trump are neck and neck in certain places in Pennsylvania, while in others Trump is pulling ahead. 

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “There’s two things that I noticed in his comments. He said let’s make this a case about how Joe Biden is a candidate standing up for our freedom, really? As he makes the administrative state ever, ever larger, injects through executive order values that we are forced to follow whether we agree with them or not, that he increases people’s reliance on government. That’s not increasing anybody’s freedom. Then for him to say, remember when Donald Trump was president, it was all about the chaos. He was injecting chaos into everything. I’m sorry, have you looked at the chaos in the Middle East? Have you looked at the chaos on the border? Have you looked at the chaos on our streets where law and order has crumbled under Biden? The chaos that Biden brings is the chaos that impacts your life, not a few words that you might not agree with from the last president.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “And energized by a wanting, waiting media, the fake news that has clearly been called out. It’s nothing to do with Biden and his policies. It’s all ‘Trump bad.’”

Jonathan Karl was the host for the Sunday show. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “The guest host and the immediately before Shapiro was Charlamagne tha God. Now this is the first time Charlamagne tha God ever did a Sunday interview. Jonathan Carl did a lengthy sit down with him and if listeners are saying who is Charlamagne tha God? I believe he may be one of, if not the highest rated podcast radio program now in the morning.” 

His show is called the Breakfast Club. 

Barkdoll said the show has “very high ratings, particularly with younger minority voters. Biden and Trump are heavily lobbying this guy for an endorsement, but boy did he give it to Biden and Trump, both barrels, calling them crooks and cowards. He’s what we would call a double hater, but during the interview with Charlamagne tha God, he name checks someone like Gavin Newsom or Josh Shapiro, as someone Democrats should look at to move Biden off the stage. So of course that was teed up perfectly when then Shapiro came on, Johnathan Karl asked him, hey Charlamagne tha God just mentioned you by name. Would you run for president? These guys are so careful. They never answer that question. It’s the standard I’m supporting Joe Biden. Shapiro tied a lot of things about Pennsylvania into his alleged support of Joe Biden. Again, when you press any of these guys on that question, the answer is always I’m here to do the job I’ve been elected to do now. There’s never an outright denial that they would not be interested in running for that higher office. So I’m not sure much new news was made out of the Shapiro interview. He clearly was prepared with a lot of Pennsylvania type talking points. But let’s look forward. I mean, is he now going to be a regular surrogate on the Sunday shows getting into this election? Because it’s also of course raising his own profile.”