PA gas and diesel prices set to go up 3 to 4 cents as new state taxes kick in on Jan 1

14 December 2022- As you struggle with rising inflation on food, fuel, housing, and pretty much everything you have more to contend with: taxes. Just as Maryland increased its fuel tax at the height of inflation this summer on July 1st, Pennsylvania’s fuel tax increase is set to take effect on January 1, 2023. As Pennsylvanians and those who use Pennsylvania roads know, the state currently has the highest gas tax in the nation, per igentax. While the tax increase with inflation is rarely noticed or noticed only to a small extent, this year the increase will be felt more than ever.

Pennsylvania’s current gasoline tax rate is $0.576 per gallon. Next year be prepared to pay $0.611 per gallon, an increase of three and a half cents. Diesel fuel looks to increase from $0.741 per gallon to $0.785, an increase of 4.4 cents per gallon. This, by the way, is only the STATE fuel tax. Federal gas taxes are $0.184 per gallon on gasoline and $0.244 per gallon on diesel. That means before the actual price of the fuel you’re juicing up your vehicle with you will be paying nearly 80 cents on gasoline and over a dollar for tax on diesel per gallon.

While some have advocated gas tax holidays this is a temporary fix. Expect these taxes to continue to put a strain on your pocketbook and purse well into the future.