PA Commission on Crime awards $1.8M Grant to Temple U after death of police officer

10 March 2023- Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis held his first meeting as chair of the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, with much of the time being spent championing his boss, Josh Shapiro, and his proposed budget. What was interesting, however, was the support shown to Temple University after the death of Sergeant Christopher Fitzgerald following his attempted stop of a car jacking. Release from the Commission is below.

At today’s meeting, the commission approved a local law enforcement support grant to Temple University for nearly $1.8 million for gunshot detection, license plate readers, retention and recruitment bonuses, training and CCTV cameras.

“The Shapiro-Davis administration supports the Temple University community as it is grieving the loss of Police Sergeant Christopher Fitzgerald,” said Davis. “This grant will help the Temple University Police Department to keep the campus and surrounding neighborhood safe for students and residents.”