Own an E-ZPass in Maryland? Scammers may be targeting YOU with fake texts!

28 May 2024- Attorney General Anthony G. Brown is warning consumers about scam texts falsely claiming to represent a road toll collection service asserting that you owe money for unpaid tolls. The scam text looks similar to the example displayed below:  

Maryland Toll Services: We’ve noticed an outstanding toll amount of $12.51 on your record. To avoid a late fee of $50.00, visit https://sunspasstolls.com to settle your invoice. 

Do not pay any money or reveal any personal information to any person or group that contacts you through a text about a toll debt.  

If you receive one of these texts, the Attorney General recommends that you: 

  • Do NOT click on any links in the text. 
  • File a complaint with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) at ic3.gov, and be sure to include:
    • The phone number from which the text originated; and
    • The website listed in the text.
  • Check your account using the toll service’s legitimate website. For Maryland E-ZPass, this website is https://driveezmd.com/
  • Contact the toll service’s customer service phone number. Maryland E-ZPass’ customer service number is 1-888-321-6824.
  • After doing the above, delete any texts like this that you receive. 

If you have received a text like this and paid the texter any amount of money or revealed any personal information, follow these steps: 

  • Contact the company that facilitated the funds transfer to see if you can stop the payment.
  • Contact the Attorney General’s Identity Theft Unit to learn how to protect yourself in case the scammers try to use your personal information and how to recover if you are impacted
  • Contact your local law enforcement department to report the theft. 
  • Report the incident to the Office of the Attorney General or the Federal Trade Commission.  

This alert was issued to all consumers who have subscribed to receive consumer information from our office. Consumers can subscribe to this list here: https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/MDAG/subscriber/new.