Over 6,500 families in Franklin, Cumberland Cos. eligible for expanded Childcare Tax Credits

23 January 2024- Last month, Governor Josh Shapiro signed into law an expansion of the Childcare Tax Credit for nearly 210,000 Pennsylvania families. Under previous law, Pennsylvania would match only 30 percent of the federal Childcare Tax Credit. Now, thanks to this new bipartisan legislation, the state credit will match 100 percent of the federal credit, helping Pennsylvania families offset more of the burden of rising childcare costs in the Commonwealth.

The Childcare Tax Credit that is available to Pennsylvanians at the state level is based on the federal Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. Taxpayers must receive the federal credit to also be eligible for the state credit in Pennsylvania. The major expansion signed into law by Governor Shapiro means:

  • The maximum credit will be $1,050 (one child) or $2,100 (two or more children).
  • The minimum credit will be $600 (one child) or $1,200 (two or more children).

Prior to the expansion signed by Governor Shapiro, the maximum credit Pennsylvania families could receive was up to $315 (one child) or $630 (two or more children). Under the new law, Pennsylvanians could see up to a 233% increase in their tax credit from last year.

Read below to see an estimated county breakdown of the number of Pennsylvanians who may benefit from the expanded tax credit thanks to the expansion signed into law by Governor Shapiro.

  County  How Many Pennsylvania Families Are Eligible for the Childcare Tax Credit Because of Governor Shapiro’s Expansion*  
Adams County1,360
Bedford County451
Cumberland County4,544
Franklin County2,056
Fulton County78
Huntingdon County285
Estimated total for Pennsylvania209,700