Over $2 Million in unclaimed funds headed back to WV residents in February alone

11 March 2024- State Treasurer Riley Moore today announced his Office’s Unclaimed Property Division returned more than $2 million worth of unclaimed funds to individuals, businesses and other organizations during the month of February.

“We enjoyed another strong month of returning money to its rightful owners,” Treasurer Moore said. “We’re always proud to help reunite our citizens, businesses, local governments and other organizations with their lost or abandoned funds.”

The Unclaimed Property Division returned a total of $2,053,859 paid out through 1,785 claims during the month of February. Since the fiscal year began last July, the office has paid out more than $15.7 million worth of claims.

Treasurer Moore also reminded individuals who may have received checks in the mail through the West Virginia Cash Now program to open those envelopes and cash them before the end of this month. The uncashed checks are slated to stale-date at the end of March, which would once again make them unclaimed property.

“We’ve been telling people, ‘Don’t let your unclaimed property check turn into unclaimed property’ – cash it today,” Treasurer Moore said. “If you have a pile of unread mail in your house, go through it and look to see if you have any envelopes from our Office in there – it could be a check with your name on it.”

If the check does expire, the funds will revert back to the Unclaimed Property Division and will once again be available for claim at www.WVUnclaimedProperty.gov.