Our own Congressman John Joyce traveled to Ukraine recently

July 9 – Congressman John Joyce just returned from a trip to Ukraine last week. 

He said, “I was invited by the chairman of the Intelligence Committee, Mike Turner, to travel with him to Ukraine to meet with President Zelenskyy. Also in that meeting was American Ambassador Bridget Brink. This was somewhat of a curious invitation, because I think you all know that I voted against the supplemental funding for Ukraine. I had concerns. I had concerns of how those monies were going to be spent. You sent me to Washington to be a responsible steward of the taxpayer dollar, and I didn’t feel that without adequate accounting for where the money had gone that I could not vote for that. I could not allow you to pay for that as a taxpayer. So when Mike Turner asked me, when Chairman Turner asked me to accompany them to Ukraine, I thought it was an opportunity to ask questions and to conduct oversight on how your and my tax dollars are being spent in Ukraine.”

A small group of four traveled to Ukraine. 

Joyce said he “sat down with Zelenskyy head to head, and had difficult questions back and forth. We went into the presidential palace. Obviously went through very tight security. There were sandbags against the windows, and it was a candid conversation where I asked him what he felt Putin was using for funds, and I wanted him to answer that Putin’s war against Ukraine was being funded by Putin selling energy supplies to Eastern Europe. I wanted him to get to the point where he realized that the way we can help them is to shut off Putin by having funds from that energy supply and allowing American energy to be supplied to most of Europe. While in those meetings, I made it clear that before we would send any additional money to Ukraine, that my goal was that we secure our border, our southern border, and that we stop the illegal immigrants from continuing to come here. My responsibility is to America first. I made that quite clear. It was not at all times a pleasant conversation, but they invited me to attend and to be able to represent those individuals who felt that we need to see where these funds to Ukraine are going. I made it clear in the discussions that I would not vote for any additional supplements until we saw where the funds that have gone to Ukraine where they were being spent. There’s still a number of issues, including wasting corruption that Ukraine needs to address. Very candid in my conversations, and that’s why I voted against it, and I told President Zelenskyy, respectfully, that not everyone who was there was 100% behind additional money going to Ukraine. It was a candid conversation, and I think that we left that conversation with respect for each other’s point of view. But I have a responsibility to the citizens of the Pennsylvania 13th Congressional District to secure the sovereignty of the United States, and that means first and foremost, securing our border.”

Did the people in that part of the world have any thoughts on the US 2024 presidential campaign? 

Joyce said, “They were very quiet about that. They wanted our perspective on this, and me as being an advocate for President Trump, was very clear on mine, but when I turned the question around and asked them for the impact, there were a lot of mealy mouthed answers. You can’t ignore this. They love the blank check, and that’s my concern, that they were really just looking for financial support, and they don’t care who it comes from and Biden certainly has been a pathway to that. It’s disappointing. We see it. I think that we know that on a national basis, he is not strong. On an international basis, Putin has control. Xi Jinping is probably salivating over the opportunity to make advances, whether or not North Korea rattles the saber further. These are all concerns on both a national and an international level. I think we’re going to have a very trying next four months until we see President Trump back in office, I do, and I’m concerned about that, not only as inflation spirals out of control, as our border remains open, but I’m concerned about what Russia, what China, what North Korea might do. I think many of us in Washington have those concerns, and that’s why, overwhelmingly I support the reelection of President Trump, I look forward to having a conservative back in the White House.”