Our own Congressman John Joyce has been at the border more than the president and vice president

January 2 – Congressman John Joyce will spend the next few days at the US southern border. 

He will fly into San Antonio with more than 50 members of the US House of Representatives, including Speaker Mike Johnson, to take a real look at what’s going on. 

Joyce said the group will see “first hand what we’ve been seeing on television – the disaster that President Biden has caused on our southern border, the lack of maintaining the border and the sovereignty of our county. We all recognize in December that the border patrol agents reported the highest level of illegal border crossings ever. The highest level in history – 300,000 illegal immigrants attempted to enter the United States just last month. That’s double the population of Franklin County!”

The group will go to Eagle Pass and hear from border patrol agents. 

Joyce said they will discuss “the resources that they need in order to get our border under control, to protect our country, whether that’s more of a border wall, a physical barrier, whether it’s more manpower, better technology, or a combination of all of the above. I need to hear firsthand what is working, and I need to hear firsthand what isn’t working, because after last month, it appears to me that a lot is not working and we need to support these agents.”

The group will also have a briefing from Customs and Border Patrol, as well as have discussions with residents from Eagle Pass. 

Joyce said, “I want to hear from health officials. I want to hear about the influx of these illegal immigrants and what they are doing to the healthcare process throughout Texas because I know it’s spreading throughout the United States as well. I need to know what diseases, what’s coming across the border, what they are seeing firsthand. We need to understand through this official trip and take that information back to Washington where we will return next week and let President Biden and the Senate know that securing the border is the House’s top priority. It’s the Republican top priority for 2024. I think it’s an important trip. I’m glad that the speaker Mike Johnson invited me to attend with him. I had to change, I was to be in Chambersburg and the Chamber of Commerce this morning and I wanted to talk to the Chamber of Commerce. But you know what? When I talk to these business leaders, when I talk to these individuals, I hear time and time again hey, Doc, what’s going on with the border? Why can’t we secure the border? This will be an opportunity to go to the border and once again see first hand and understand how we need to shore up and protect the sovereignty of our country.” 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “How is this making its impact? You cannot help but think that in the southern border, they’re dropping and dumping illegal immigrants in New York City, in New Jersey, in Illinois, in Philadelphia. Have you had any direct conversations with any law enforcement, sheriffs, state police? How is it affecting people in your district?”

Joyce said, “It’s something that we frequently keep our finger on the pulse. Just over the Christmas holidays, I have reached out to law enforcement and asked if they are seeing any of these illegals either via bus, via plane show up in Pennsylvania’s 13th congressional district. I have not heard of it first hand. But if constituents or if you hear about that, please let me know. Let my office know. You know that we want to hear this. This is an opportunity and being able to start first thing as we start the new year, being able to connect with you on the radio, connect with constituents and keep that line of communication open and I thank each and every one of the constituents for that.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “You do see how the speaker seems to be serious about trying to get Democrats to come to the table to do something about this with the funding for Ukraine. People are very wary of the fact that we’re sending so much money to Ukraine to protect their borders, while our border remains wide open. How can you blame and say Donald Trump is an insurrectionist, but you’re not saying that Biden is failing us with this open border?”

Joyce said, “We have to be able to address our personal border before we send any more money to Ukraine.” 

Jansen said, “All the people pouring across that border, they’re getting all kinds of government welfare and they’re making the schools more difficult to manage and having to demand more money for the schools and the English as a Second Language, it’s just getting overwhelmed. We hear about the mayors of cities complaining about how their costs are going up. This is all directly tied to this open border.” 

Ryan said, “This is what you’re signed up for, your sanctuary cities, your sanctuary states. This is what you signed up for. We’re here to help.”

Joyce said, “I think it’s coming back on them for the sanctuary cities. We’ve certainly seen this with the mayor of New York begging for help as he established a sanctuary city. The sanctuary should be for the citizens and not for the illegal immigrants.”