OP-ED: The American Experience 2020- It’s Morning AGAIN In America

By Patrick Ryan

Thirty-six years ago, President Ronald Reagan’s reelection campaign commercial began with, “It’s morning again in America.” It spoke to a prouder, stronger and better nation.

As I reflect on the state of our country today, I put it to you that it IS morning again in America.

I invite you to join me in celebrating the holidays, regaining control, helping our neighbors and neutering China!

It’s morning again in America!

Remember how furious people got when China dog/cat food and treats were killing pets?

It was an outrage! Hearings must be held!

Little or nothing happened.

Now, a virus that got its start in China has taken human lives and livelihoods across the globe.

We hear words of caution. We endure the mandates.

But when will our anger evolve to resolve on this killing? 

China lied, people died. They have hurt you, your family, your kid’s future, your business, the elderly and more.

I remember a moment in time–2019–don’t you? Dinner with friends and a record shopping season, a record year for many businesses … the anticipation for 2020 was BIG!

That was then.

It’s morning again in America!

This Christmas, put down anything “made in China” and help your small neighborhood business that offers up the American Experience.

Left or right, him or her, up or down … we can all meet at this crossroads of helping our neighborhood businesses live—all while sending a message to those who want us dead.

It is time to send an American-made message. The power is right in your hand.

This holiday season, go past the big box stores that were allowed to stay open (and profited wildly), while your neighbor’s business was shut down. 

This Christmas, I am shouting for the American Experience!

It’s morning again in America!

It is impossible to untangle China’s grip on the crap we pick up, but like those jumbled Christmas lights, untangling must start somewhere.

Say it with me, “I will not buy China crap!”

I will buy a Bar-B-Q boot camp. My friend, Eric Forrester, will source the meat locally. I’ll learn something, I’ll eat a lot and I’ll know that my investment in Eric and his family went further for America than a picture frame from bloat-mart.

I will buy an hour at Heavy Metal Playground so a kid can put on a hard hat and run a backhoe (maybe keep that one for me)–that’s an American Experience.

I will venture into my neighborhood shops and spend my hard-earned dollars with people I know and trust.

It’s morning again in America!

It’s time to regain some sense of control.

We have the absolute power to send a message to the greedy political class who won’t do anything except posture, make speeches and, ultimately, do nothing. AGAIN.

It’s time to send a message to a lazy/dead media who want you—need you—in front of the TV. The more hype and lies, the better for their Generals.

It is time to send a message to the dolts in the sports/entertainment set, perched in their mansions preaching on how to live YOUR life, while bowing to their made-in-China masters.    

Most of all, it’s time to send a message to the digital devils like Google, Twitter and Facebook. THEY are the tools used to manipulate the fools.

It’s morning again in America!

Prouder, stronger, better starts with each and every one of us. Here. Now. Choose wisely.

Let it be known it is morning AGAIN in America!

Patrick Ryan is general manager of NewsTalk 103.7FM in Chambersburg, Pa.