One sticking point with the voting reform legislation in PA will be voter ID

October 10 – Since Governor Wolf decided he might actually read Voting Rights reform legislation from the General Assembly, the House and the Senate have brought the package back to the floors.

But voter ID might not be there.

Representative Rob Kauffman was a guest recently on First News to discuss voter reform.

Kauffman said, “Voter ID has got to be in whatever we pass. I don’t see any ability to do voter reform and get it through the House without voter ID. So whether it’s the House version or the Senate version and we amend the voter ID in. I take Senator Argall at his word. He’s trying to move in good faith, but voter ID is a deal breaker. We have a couple of pathways on that and we also have a constitutional amendment. So we’re looking at a duel path. Getting election reform legislation with voter ID in it moved forward. Who knows, maybe the governor will wake up on the right side of the bed the day he gets the legislation. He’ll actually read it! And he’ll say, whoa, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was and he’ll actually sign it or let it go into law. Who knows? But if he doesn’t, then we want to have the constitutional amendment process begun so we can have it in the constitution and it would be actually by the next presidential election that we could have the voter ID via constitutional amendment.”

Jansen said, “I hear the one in the Senate legislation, I hear the big objection is to the drop boxes. Oh, we can’t have those be observed. Why? That doesn’t make any sense to me.”

“It’s ludicrous,” Kauffman said. “You just, you can’t explain why folks who love our democracy, supposedly, would do anything that would not allow us to just monitor elections. I mean we go to foreign lands and monitor their elections. Do you remember those days? We actually went to monitor elections to make sure they’re fair and free, but we can’t even monitor our own.”

Ryan said, “Here’s a good one for you. At the drop box for clothing over on Wayne Avenue in front of the Giant, there are cameras on it now.”

“Right,” Kauffman said. “Because of what was happening at that drop box. There was junk being put all over. So why do we need to monitor the clothing drop box, but we cannot (monitor the voting drop box)? You can’t make this stuff up, but that is a great point.”

Ryan said, “Good for those guys for going you know what? Enough of law breaking. You can’t put a busted up TV screen in here, so let’s stop breaking the law and when you see people parking a Xerox machine next to a voting drop box, maybe ask some questions.”

“Imagine that,” Kauffman said. “You know in the same token, there are cameras all through downtown. People don’t realize it. People don’t see them, but there are cameras around our downtown.”