One of the best ways to see the bias in the mainstream media is noticing what they DON’T cover

May 24 – Former president Donald Trump had a rally in The Bronx yesterday and it went pretty well. 

But the mainstream media isn’t really covering it. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “After that despicable governor calls the people that are going to go to those ‘clowns,’ of course AOC, she is who she is. No need to say any there. Having it not be the lead, the only way this would have led is if there was a problem or there was a low turnout. Here you have a very clear picture of what the mainstream media is feeding you.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “I think by any metric, this rally in the Bronx yesterday, was a success. It’s not getting a lot of coverage, but it’s getting some. I mean, if you look at the New York Post today it’s 18 pages of coverage of the rally. Now you could argue that’s the local newspaper.”

Ryan added, “It’s also the Post versus the Daily News.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM noted, “The Washington Post headline, all he talked about was dictators.”

Barkdoll said, “I think it was a success in as much as this is a very deep blue part of a deep blue city and to get a crowd like he drew and he’s big into crowd size. We don’t know how many people were there, but suffice to say it was probably upwards of 20,000, but I think it’s just remarkable. You look at his speech yesterday, what just a reflection of the realignment we’ve seen over the last few years to his credit of these political parties. If you just looked at a transcript of his speech and didn’t know who said it, you would have to debate, was this a Bill Clinton or an Al Gore type candidate? I mean, he talked a lot about spending money to revamp the New York subway system, redoing public transit there. Very pro union, pro blue collar type policies which would historically be very hardcore Democratic constituencies, but I think Trump has smartly during his first term and even now, he continues to reach out to those groups and I think that’s why you’re seeing even Democratic voters, people that would have historically been much more aligned with the Democratic candidate gravitating towards Trump because they like his message. It’s not traditional conservative Republican orthodoxy. It’s really a mix of all sorts of things and I think that’s what you’re seeing translate at these rallies he’s doing.”

Jansen reminded, “There was a time when any presidential candidate in a situation like this would have been praised for reaching out to your not normal constituency. You are being a populist in the very familiar and friendly sense that they used to give to Bill Clinton all the time. He’s for the little guy. He’s for the working class guy. He can relate to people. There would be all kinds of praise for this kind of a move, especially with this kind of good response that he got. But you don’t see that in the media anymore because the media has decided to take sides, much of the traditional media has just thrown their hat in with the progressive left. So whatever anybody does, that doesn’t go with that line of philosophy, we’re going to demonize them, ala the headline out the Washington Post, which is ridiculous. As if he was praising Putin the entire time during this rally. That’s absurd. They’re outing themselves I think quite evidently, and maybe that’s a good thing, the blatant hypocrisy, the blatant not being journalists anymore, I think is clear for almost anyone to see.” 

Ryan added, “Because this would have been if the numbers were lower, if nobody showed or if there was some sort of incident, this would have been the lead, but since it doesn’t fit, we’ve got to carry on what Joe Biden has already done to you and your family and your grandkids and indoctrinated dunces on the left.”

Jansen continued, “Most importantly, I did love what that woman said about my children’s future and the policies. I wish people would stop focusing so much on the people. Because there was the contrast of that horrible press conference with the President yesterday, with Biden, but even if they replace him, that doesn’t change the policies and how it’s going to affect your children and grandchildren.” 

Ryan agreed, “It doesn’t matter what idiot they have in there. It’s got to be a change in party or you’re going to get the same policies, and it’s going to be even worse than it already is.” 

Barkdoll said, “I often say to Independents and Democrat friends, Trump is not that conservative. I mean, again, I think this is what you’re seeing at that rally yesterday. You’re seeing a lot of these voters and they’re likely registered Democrats showing up saying they like his policies. They’re going to vote for him. Maybe they don’t like all the personality stuff, set all that aside. They liked the policies. You’re right about the coverage of this. Had there not been much of a crowd, this would have been the lead on all of the network coverage, all of the newspapers, no one showing up to listen to him. The other thing to keep an eye on the next few days, watch his speech and the coverage this weekend. He’s the keynote speaker at the National Libertarian Convention and there’s just a lot of speculation around this. People were initially surprised that he even accepted the invitation. Now that they’re watching, is he going to lay out policies that are very more aligned with libertarians, for example, declassifying marijuana or supporting the legalization of recreational marijuana? These are big things that the Libertarians support. What’s he going to say to that group and the reporting was when he accepted the invitation, he again recognizes that’s a key demographic, if we’re in a 50/50 country, if he could peel off a segment of those voters, that might be the sort of thing that pushes him over the top.” 

Yesterday at the rally, Trump said, “We’re going to renovate the New York subway system, so it no longer looks like it hasn’t been cleaned since 1932. But rather, it will be the most beautiful transit system anywhere in the world.”

Barkdoll said, “That’s one of the comments that I was referring to, if you read that in the transcript, that could have been Bernie Sanders. It could have been any left Democrat, but I again, I think this is why Trump is appealing to this group of voters. He’s saying things that are very popular that people can relate to. Why isn’t there any money and attention being spent on the New York subway system?”