Oh how the climate has changed for Joe Biden’s first press conference this afternoon

March 25 – If the press conference President Joe Biden will hold today had occurred when it was first announced, the landscape would have been incredibly different.

Biden likely would have taken a victory lap for the stimulus bill and the vaccine roll out, but a whole lot can change in this country in seven days – and it has.

Now, the press conference, (the first of its kind since Biden took office BTW), will likely look at the southern border mess as well as executive orders on gun control.

So much for that victory lap, huh? The press conference will occur at 1:15 p.m. today and will be broadcast on all the networks. Indeed, even the local networks have announced that they will interrupt their local programming.

Biden is a bigger deal than The Young and the Restless and Days of Our Lives. Who would have thought?

It will likely air for about an hour.

Will he be able to do it? He’ll be up there by himself, no aides to yank him away. Will he trip? Will there be gaffes?

Attorney Clint Barkdoll joined Pat Ryan and Michele Jansen on First News this morning to discuss today’s press conference.

Jansen pointed out, “The low-expectations element of this gives him a distinct advantage. He is so off and on depending on the time and the situation, but more and more lately, he has to use notes, he seems a bit confused. I don’t want to aid in that low expectation. We’ve also seen moments when he’s really on which honestly makes me a little suspicious that he could be getting a little medical help there. That might sound extreme, but I’ve been struck by how different he can seem at different times.”

Another question is how tough will the press be on him? It’s doubtful the liberal press will be as nasty with Biden as they were with Trump.

Although, when it comes to the press, they can apparently be led around by the nose in some cases. Particularly with the southern border.

The press was finally let into one of the facilities housing migrant children yesterday, but it wasn’t one of the overcrowded ones.

“To me, that feels a little bit like China,” Jansen said. “We’ll take you to the exemplary display and let you see that. We won’t take you to the one that’s the most concerning. How can any kind of an honest press not point that out?”

There are Congressmen and Senators, both Republicans and Democrats, that are saying the facilities are awful.

Why wouldn’t the press ask to see those?

Indeed, Chris Murphy, a Democrat Senator from Connecticut, was in one of the facilities recently and he said the conditions for the children almost brought him to tears.

“The white house is not allowing the press into those facilities,” Barkdoll pointed out. “I think you might see that come up today. The president may have in his hip pocket today some policy announcements. There could be some news in those regards to the extent they have to expect these questions are coming.”

The low bar for Biden is a real concern, though.

Even during the presidential debates, the expectations were predicting abominable gaffes and awkward moments for Biden and when he got through it, when it wasn’t all that rough, he touted it as a win.

Biden also seems to have a cover for the border crisis that he put in place just yesterday. Interesting timing, isn’t it?

Biden announced yesterday that he is assigning Vice President Kamala Harris to look into the issues at the border.   

Ryan pointed out, you know it’ll be “’I mean we just named her (Harris) yesterday (to the role). How could you ever expect anything to be done so quickly?’

“We’ll get back to you” or some derivation of that will likely be heard a lot this afternoon.