October bar fight on Path Valley Rd sends one man to the hospital to get jaw wired and one to Franklin County Jail

16 November 2022- A Chambersburg man is behind bars today after allegedly getting into a bar fight that sent one man to the hospital and unable to talk for several days. Charles E Isenberger is charged with felony aggravated assault, misdemeanor assault, and summary harassment. Isenberger is behind bars in Franklin County Corrections on $25,000 bail.

On October 21st, Pennsylvania State Police were dispatched to a bar on Path Valley Road to reports of a bar fight. An employee at the bar told police that she knew the person who started it, known to her as Chuck Isenberger, and the name of the victim. The employee also gave a physical description of Isenberger, which was used to ID him on CCTV.

The victim from the fight was interviewed a week and a half later due to his inability to speak. After being taken to Fulton County Medical Center, the victim was allegedly given stitches and had his jaw wired shut. During the interview, the victim said that he was playing pool with some friends when Isenberger approached him, shoulder checked him and said “stop looking at me like that”. Allegedly telling the victim “wanna go”, the victim then said no but was grabbed by his shoulder and ripped out the door into the back deck. The victim was then punched multiple times before falling over with Isenberger. The victim attempted to speak, but could not due to the injuries he sustained to his jaw. CCTV confirmed this series of events.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Isenberger is behind bars on 25,000 bail. His preliminary hearing is set for November 29th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39306-CR-0000148-2022, Incident Number: PA 2022-1352872