Now the Biden administration wants to build a wall at the southern border

October 5 – It’s almost gotten to the point where it’s laughable, even though none of this is funny. 

Amid growing pressure from illegal immigrants entering the country, the Biden administration yesterday announced plans for border barriers at the Rio Grande Valley, to be paid for with funds designated for such obstructions. 

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “You sold our steel at pennies on the dollar. Thanks a lot Joe. You just welcomed all sorts of people into the country. John Joyce has been to the southern border I think more than Joe Biden and Kamala Harris combined here. So it’s a joke at this point on that southern border.”

Attorney Clint Barkdoll pointed out, “I think this has caught a lot of people by surprise because Biden took all of these actions to nullify efforts to build this wall and just out of nowhere yesterday, 26 federal regulations by executive order he’s now going to eliminate that would presumably allow construction of the wall again, to get that project up and running. He’s not made an announcement on this. There is no doubt this is driven by politics. All of the public opinion polling is showing huge numbers of Americans, including Democrats, are now saying we’ve got an immigration problem. We’ve got a border problem. It’s one of Biden’s biggest weaknesses. So no doubt that’s why he’s doing this. What I think is going to be interesting is, is he playing three dimensional chess here? He issues that executive order. Congress is going to have to now provide funding. Well, the House is in paralysis. The House is shut down. That continuing resolution for 45 days, allocated zero additional money for border security. So I’m thinking this is going to force the House to get to the table but again, we don’t have any resolution in sight who the speaker is going to be and when they might reconvene to address this.” 

Ryan suggested, “Why don’t you just take the $9 billion, as taxpayers you’re going to be paying for about 125,000 people who signed a piece of paper, who signed that paper and said yes, I will pay back my debt. Well, Joe has decided with the school loans, 125,000 people with a $9 billion check being written and it’s called canceling debt. That’s not canceling debt. That’s putting more pressure on kids and grandkids and families out here.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM added, “The other thing that I find so despicable, this is not the only time they’ve done this. They know the border is wide open and causing detriments all over the country. So now we’re suddenly going to build a wall and act like we care about the border. Obama did the same thing. It’s so funny when I was listening to reports of, well, Donald Trump, you know, had the border under control with certain things he was doing with Mexico and in 2015, Obama did the same thing. Well, what was that? It was the last year before an election when they realized oh, we better pay attention to these things just to look good for the election. So this is a story just repeating itself. It’s very obvious that this is only because we’re headed for an election and they know they’ll get burned if they have a wide open border.”

Barkdoll agreed, “I think it’s all politics. I’m curious what he may say about it today. I mean, obviously, there’s the question of would we rather he just do nothing? I think most of the country supports this idea of the wall or more security, but politically do a lot of people see through this? Even though they support the idea, they see that he’s done nothing for all of these years he’s been in office and now he’s doing this on the eve of presidential election season. I think people are going to see through it.”