Now middle school students are using AI to create nude images of classmates

February 27 – Artificial Intelligence was used at a middle school in Beverly Hills Unified School District, in California, recently to create nude photos of classmates and then pass them around the school. 

An investigation is underway and it’s unclear how many students were affected and how far reaching these photos actually were. 

Attorney Clint Barkdoll pointed out, “This is another one of those areas state and federal laws aren’t keeping up with the times because a lot of these school districts and states will point out, it’s debatable what the legal issues are when something like this happens. So it’s a problem. If a student would be caught doing this, certainly depending on where they got these AI images, at least in Pennsylvania, you could still be criminally charged with possession of child pornography or dissemination of child pornography, even if the images are AI generated. In other words, they don’t have to be real people. So that’s what I think a lot of these kids aren’t cognizant of. They do this, they think it’s funny. It really is a major form of bullying, but they don’t realize there could be major criminal consequences here if they get caught doing this.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM said, “You’re giving that technical warning they need to understand, but as we’ve seen, we’re starting to let go of what consists of a crime when it involves, I mean, we just had this story yesterday that the Gemini AI, which was criticized for falsely producing images that make no sense for what it’s being asked, when it was asked if pedophilia is wrong, it refused to say that it was wrong and it does refer to pedophilia as minor attracted person status. We are dropping standards all over the place when it comes to what is wrong vis-a-vis any kind of sexual depiction of children and children being involved with sex. We’re going to continue to see this. We’re going to continue to see kids that have no clue that this kind of stuff is wrong and can hurt people and that’s why it’s criminal. You will just continue to see that being eroded as we adopt this idea in society that childhood innocence is some kind of artificial construct.”

Barkdoll said, “I’m afraid that this AI is proliferating in ways we can’t even imagine. I mean day to day even the technology keeps getting more perfected and prevalent in its usage. I’m concerned particularly with the younger generation, as they get more reliant on these AI platforms for writing, doing day to day work. Now we’ve got this case you’re citing out of Beverly Hills, it is not a good situation.”

Jansen added, “I have to remind people, Biden’s executive order on AI, is that he firmly believes that the power of our ideals, the foundations of our society, creativity, diversity, equity, he is demanding that ideology be implemented in the development of AI so don’t be surprised, because government contracts are huge, don’t be surprised when this keeps happening with this artificial intelligence that’s going to continue to infiltrate and influence the way people think about these things.”

Barkdoll said, “Remember, too, the name Nvidia, they’re a publicly traded company. They make these AI chips. Their market cap last week passed $2 trillion briefly. That’s up at a level with something like an Apple or a Microsoft. Now they’ve come down a little bit since then, but that just tells you how big this business is all over the world.”

Congressman John Joyce said, “I work on Energy and Commerce where artificial intelligence is within the purview of our committee. I see positives on artificial intelligence. I see how it can be utilized in medical advances in evaluating echocardiograms that patients receive, but I also see the problems. It is wrong. It is sick. That is why we on the telecom subcommittee on Energy and Commerce are addressing this issue. Like any new modality, like any new technology, you have to be able to allow what’s good to advance, but you also have to carefully look at what can occur when information is put online and other individuals can have that information and manipulate that information. We have to carefully look at what safeguards are in place. We have to carefully evaluate acknowledging First Amendment rights. But first and foremost, we must protect our children. I think it’s important that we on Energy and Commerce take that up and have that as part of our discussions as we move forward to allow for appropriate safeguards to be put in place to protect Americans, but most important to protect the most vulnerable, to protect our children.” 

Jansen asked, “Is that committee aware? Do you guys focus on the fact that the Biden administration put executive orders in place to control the development of AI based on equity and equity embraces an ideology in which childhood innocence is an artificial construct and I think that’s some of the bleeding we’re seeing. (AI companies) still get money from the government, they will pay attention to how the government tells them to do things, not to mention their own ideology jives with this that would not definitively say that pedophilia is wrong and they keep saying minor attracted persons to describe pedophiles. That is all part of equity ideology. Is your committee aware of that executive order and are we making our potential Republican presidential candidates, i.e. probably Donald Trump, that needs to be rescinded immediately?”

Joyce said, “We are aware of that executive order and that’s why we have taken this up on the committee of Energy and Commerce. This is an opportunity to address that. Under the leadership of our chair, we are recognizing the importance of having those guardrails put in place and we must and I will reiterate, we must protect our children. We must protect the most vulnerable and those guardrails need to be put in place. Especially with Google’s AI, we’ve seen biases that are clearly unacceptable. This technology wasn’t ready to be released. Google needs to answer questions. I look forward to bringing Google executives into committee, into hearings, into Washington and let them expound on why they made these decisions and why they’re not protecting our children. As a member of Congress, I specifically am committed to making sure that the safeguards are in place to allow for the protection of our children.”