Now it looks like the Canadian border could be an issue 

February 19 – Recent reporting in the New York Post has shown an alarming trend along the northern border of the United States. 

Residents in New Hampshire, Vermont and upstate New York are finding trail cam footage of literal lines of what are apparently illegal immigrants coming across the Canadian border. 

The story goes that for about $400 immigrants can get a plane ticket into Montreal or Toronto and head south into the US that way. 

The Canadian border, which is nearly three times as long as the Mexican border, is mostly woods and makes for an ideal place to smuggle immigrants into the county. 

In fact, data from Customs and Border Protection has shown a 240% increase (and that’s not a typo) in illegal migrants coming into the US from Canada since 2022. 

Apparently some trail cam photos have caught images of migrants coming into the US at least once a week. 
Attorney Clint Barkdoll said, “Of course there’s no wall, there’s no security up in that part of the US.
So this is now yet another issue. Are they discovering another loophole in our system that the US government’s going to have to address in Canada?”