No, You May Not Have Already Won

CHAMBERSBURG – Many residents have been overwhelmed with calls & scams recently and it’s time to put out another alert. Recently, a resident was advised that he won 2.5 million dollar in the Publishers Clearing House. The caller (Scammer) was requesting money to pay the processing fees and asked the resident to send Visa Gift cards for payment. The resident did not get the cards but continued to receive calls. These additional calls were made to seem more legitimate.

The resident was advised to pick up his winning documents at a local office supply store. The resident went to the store and found the “Winning” documents had been sent to the store bearing his name. The documents detailed that he had won and how to claim the money. Of course, the scammer continued to request money be set for insurance fees and processing fees via gift cards.

An alert employee advised the resident that a number of “winning documents” were picked up by others and the employee advised this resident that it was a scam. These same scammers also told the male that he also won a $157,000 car and continued to request monies. Residents need to be alert for these type of scams and should never give out personal information or banking information over the phone. Scammers often spoof their numbers to make them appear more legitimate. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s most likely is a scam. A tell tale sign that someone is trying to scam you is by asking you to purchase gift cards and provide the numbers from the gift cards for payment of fees, vehicles, insurances, processing fees, etc. In many of these cases, it’s nearly impossible to retrieve these monies. Once the gift card numbers have been given, they are emptied very quickly. Please safeguard your money! Don’t be a victim.

Sourced via CRIMEWATCH®: