No huge surprises from impeachment trial

February 10 – Fifty Democrat and six Republican Senators voted that it is constitutional to impeach a former president, but it’s doubtful they can get the 67 votes needed to convict Donald Trump as the impeachment trial continued in the US Senate yesterday.

“The president’s attorneys were terrible and that’s not just me saying it,” said Attorney Clint Barkdoll. “Even Republican deep supporters of Trump have really criticized these defense attorneys. They seem ill-prepared and made strange arguments.”

Bruce Castor, a former District Attorney of Montgomery County in Pa., admitted in court that he “didn’t even prepare an opening statement,” Barkdoll said. “They’ve got to tighten that up little bit.”

Although it may not matter as the outcome is essentially predetermined.

“There may be a handful of people that legitimately are on the fence,” Barkdoll said. “I think you’re going to see by Saturday or Sunday a vote for acquittal.”

Michele Jansen, cohost on NEWS TALK 1037FM’s First News, added that she felt frustrated at seeing people vote based on the performance of the attorneys and not on what they were saying. She believes they had substance and that the performance shouldn’t matter.

Barkdoll noted that these attorneys “just got into this case within the last week. The prior team all resigned the weekend before, so they didn’t have a tremendous amount of time to prepare. But I think a lot of even Republicans were just disappointed there wasn’t a stronger presentation from those defense attorneys about some of these constitutional issues.”

There will be 16 hours given to each side and a vote should come on Monday.

Barkdoll added that there’s been debate as to whether any witnesses will appear and there could be “some kind of compromised made.”