No brew-ha-ha? Gallup says Americans are drinking less and less beer

04 January 2024- Following last year’s Anheuser-Busch PR debacle involving Bud Light and influencer Dylan Mulvaney, many thought the beer giant would take a big sales hit. While that may be true, it is part of an industry trend that has brewed beverages taking a long-term slide with or without the alcohol giant.

According to a 2023 Gallup poll, fewer Americans ages 18-34 now drink alcohol than at any point in the past 22 years. While trends show that many younger Americans are drinking premade cocktails and seltzers, it doesn’t seem to have buoyed the industry enough.

Beer Marketers Insights had also shared that beer shipments have fallen to their lowest since 1999. While some of this could be due to Anheuser-Busch’s PR follies, see Modelo becoming the “nation’s beer”, they are not the only fish in the proverbial sudsy sea.

Have you cut back on your drinking habits or are you bucking the trends and remaining “hoppy”?