Newville PD Roundup: Juvenile arrests for vandalism at park, juvenile charged with threats, assault

17 March 2023- On 02-24-2023 at approximately 0920 Newville Police received a call from a man that claimed his neighbor was being attacked. Newville Officers arrived on scene and identified the primary aggressor as Patrick Taylor (32) of Newville. Taylor attacked his victim more then once via throwing him into the wall and other objects around the apartment. The victim claimed that he was punched then choked to the point of nearly passing out during the struggle. The victim did sustain significant injuries to his face and throat and was transported to Carlisle Regional Medical Center for additional treatment. Taylor was taken in custody and arraigned in front of Magisterial District Judge Cohick then transported to Cumberland County Prison for processing.    

On 3/1/2023 the Newville Police were alerted by Newville Borough Employees that someone had broken a picnic table and had broken in the door of the public restroom overnight. There also was trash strewn throughout the park that they needed to clean-up this morning. Camera footage was reviewed and it was determined there were two separate groups of juveniles that caused the issues. Video showed a 16yo female, a 16yo male and a 15yo male hanging out in the park the previous evening at about 5pm. All three juveniles were observed vaping against park rules. Video showed the two 16yo near the public restroom at approx. 16:59hrs, The public restrooms are locked unless a major event is going on due to the constant vandalism. Port-a-pots are provided during warmer weather months, but not during the winter.

The male juvenile shouldered the door open to gain access for them to use the bathroom even though the facilities are turned off as well. After utilizing the bathroom, the juveniles continued to hang-out under the concession stand pavilion. While sitting at a picnic table the female broke off a 2×4 table support. 

Borough employees provided a bill for the damages to the bathroom and the table in the amount of $168.46 of which restitution will be requested.

All three individuals are charged with violating Park Ordinance 2020-04 for vaping in the park. The 16yo juveniles have been referred to Cumberland County Juvenile Probation in regards to Institutional Vandalism and Criminal Mischief.

All three juveniles have been evicted from the park for various lengths up to permanent eviction. All violations at the Newville Community Park are taken seriously and will result in arrests, fines and evictions. Please keep our park clean and safe. Our residents deserve to be able to utilize what they have worked hard to pay for.

On 02-18-2023 at approximately 1544 Newville Police were dispatched to the first block of South High St for a domestic involving a weapon. Newville Police arrived on scene to discover a juvenile male wielding a 4-5 inch pairing knife and pointing it in the direction of his parents and others present. The juvenile followed commands to drop the knife and to lay on the ground where he was detained. Witnesses to the incident stated that the juvenile made threats against their lives, stating that he would cut / kill them. Cumberland County Juvenile Probation was notified and a Juvenile allegation was filed.