Newville PD charge man with taking over $11,000 worth of a joint insurance payout

05 March 2024- Newville Borough Police have announced charges against Zachary Dooney of Newville.

NPD say that on 8/9/2023 a (58) year old female reported to Newville Police that Zachary Dooney (41) of Newville forged her name to an auto insurance payout check. It was related that the victim helped Dooney purchase a Toyota pickup in September of 2019. In June of 2023 it was reported to the victim that the truck was reported stolen and found demolished in Prince William County, Virginia.

Zachary Dooney received an insurance check in the amount of $11,329.19 in early July 2023. The check was written to both Dooney and the victim. Dooney, Newville PD say, signed his and the victim’s name and deposited the check into his personal account on 7/4/2023.

After investigation, Dooney is charged with 1 count of Forgery Title 18 4101(a2) (F2), one count of Identity theft Title 18 4120(c1ii) (F3) and one count of Access Device Fraud Title 18 4106(a1ii).