Newville PD arrest man who allegedly almost crashes into their police cruiser while drunk

25 May 2023- On 04-15-2023 at approximately 20:12hrs a Newville Police cruiser was nearly struck by an oncoming, southbound truck in the area of 27 North High St. The Officer conducted a traffic stop on said truck in the area of 100 South High St. The truck also exhibited damage to the passenger side taillights, which were not working. The Officer identified the operator as Tyler Brown (33) of Carlisle. Brown had blood shot/ glassy eyes and exhibited some signs of impairment.

A portable breath test was administered which showed a BAC of 0.117. Brown was put through SFST battery and at the conclusion was arrested for suspicion of driving while under the influence. The Cumberland County Toxicology report showed that Brown’s blood contained a BAC of 0.123 within two hours of being stopped. At the time of the traffic stop, Brown admitted to only drinking 3 beers.