Newville PD arrest man on drug, DUI charges following stop

31 January 2024- On 01/18/2024 at approximately 16:45 Newville Police observed a vehicle bearing an expired certificate of inspection in the area of 25 South High St. Newville Police subsequently observed the vehicle fail to signal and run the stop sign at the intersection of West St and West Green St.

A traffic stop was conducted in the 300 block of Doubling Gap Rd. Upon further inspection, it was noted that the vehicle was operating with a suspended registration and an inoperable taillight.

The operator was identified as Pierson Szczypta (24) of Newville. Szczypta had red glassy eyes and exhibited nervous behavior. During the course of the traffic stop it was discovered that Szczypta was in possession of a prescription medical marijuana not prescribed to him. Additionally, drug paraphernalia was found.

Szczypta was put through the SFST battery and was subsequently arrested for driving while under the influence of a controlled substance. On 1-30-2024 the Newville PD received the Cumberland County Forensic Laboratory Toxicology report. The report shows that Szczypta had 14 ng/mL of Delta 9 THC, 87 ng/mL of Delta 9 Carboxy THC and 3.6 ng/mL of 11 Hydroxy Delta 9 THC in his blood.