New Firefighters, New Code Amendments – Chambersburg Town Council Recap

CHAMBERSBURG – Following the approval of the consent agenda on 26 February 2024, Monday night’s Town Council meeting began with the appointment of three replacement probationary firefighters for the Chambersburg Fire Department. These men will start employment in the Borough on March 1 and begin their academy training on March 5. Their training will last until the beginning of May 2024, at which point they will go through the EMT process and officially commence their careers.

Deputy Borough Manager Phil Wolgemuth introduced a multitude of “clean-up amendments” to certain rules in the Code of the Borough of Chambersburg. These included: the enforcement of a code that prevents brush, grass, and weeds from growing above 10 inches; the prohibition of any noxious weeds; an updated version of the International Property Maintenance Code; an amendment to allow violators of the snow/ice removal code to receive their tickets in the mail; and a ruling that all tattoo/body piercing establishments undergo annual inspections. Councilmember Stacy Short recommended that they change the tattoo/body piercing establishment inspection rate to once every two years, seeing as the current Chambersburg businesses have good reputations and frequent inspections would prove to be an unnecessary interruption. The Council voted to approve this motion. They subsequently authorized the advertisement of an ordinance to implement the aforementioned amendments, and will officially vote to ratify the completed ordinance on March 25.

The meeting concluded with the designation of a voting delegate and alternate voting delegate for the annual conference of the PA State Association of Boroughs (PSAB), set to take place on June 2-5, 2024 at Hershey, PA. The Council unanimously voted to appoint Council President Allen Coffman and Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill respectively.