New County Program Targets Savings For Taxpayers – An Idea That Started Here.

CHAMBERSBURG, PA (Sept. 16, 2021) – The Franklin County Commissioners are confident county employees will be the “key” to reducing expenses in the day-to-day administration of Franklin County operations, which could ultimately translate into real savings for local residents. NOTE: Missing from the press release is that this idea was originally requested in a conversation between Commissioner Flannery & Pat Ryan from First News (how about a suggestion box?).

The commissioners today unveiled a new program called Franklin County Key Concepts, a unique initiative that encourages county employees to submit suggestions on potential money-saving measures. By enlisting employees’ input, the commissioners anticipate staff members – the “boots on the ground” who have an intimate interaction with day-to-day operations – will offer avenues for decreasing overhead that may otherwise be overlooked by county administrators.

Franklin County Key Concepts’ title pays homage to Franklin County’s namesake, Benjamin Franklin, whose famous 1752 kite-and-key experiment sparked the concept of lightning rods. More than 250 years later, that invention has prevented an untold number of lightning-ignited structure fires. The commissioners hope Franklin County Key Concepts will “spark” and inspire a similar ingenuity among county employees. Any cost-saving measures that are implemented could reduce the county’s operational costs, thereby potentially having a positive impact on the Franklin County taxpayers who fund those operations.

Each employee-submitted proposal will be reviewed by a committee for consideration. Employees will receive incentives for offering suggestions and may be eligible to receive further rewards should their ideas be implemented. Those whose suggestions result in a significant impact on the county may receive additional incentives.

“County employees have been at the forefront of many operational improvements in the past. We want to encourage those efforts to continue, and that’s what Key Concepts is all about,” said Commissioner Chairman Dave Keller.

“Without the people who make your business work, you have nothing,” added Commissioner John Flannery. “Franklin County has over 700 employees who probably know more than anyone about how the county can be more efficient in operations, and I think it’s important to give our employees the voice to do so. This program offers our employees an opportunity to have a voice on a different level and to let them know that we value their input on that level.”

“This is a great opportunity for every member of the team to participate in the process,” said Commissioner Bob Ziobrowski.

While Franklin County Key Concepts solicits input from county employees, the commissioners always welcome suggestions from members of the public. Suggestions can be submitted through the public comment form at or by calling 717-261-3810.