New Appointments for the New Year – Town Council Meeting Recap

CHAMBERSBURG – Tuesday night’s Town Council meeting began with the swearing in of both newly elected and re-elected council members, conducted by Magisterial District Judge Glenn Manns. Fresh additions to the council include Chadwick Hare, representing the Third Ward, and Sharon Coffman, representing the First Ward.

Allen Coffman was nominated and unanimously elected as Council President. Coffman promised to continue providing citizens with quality utilities, as well as the outstanding services of the police and fire departments. He also expressed concern regarding inflation and open border policies extending into 2024.

Several other elections were completed to fill the remaining council positions: Thomas Newcomer as Vice President; Allen Coffman as Personnel Liaison; John Huber as Finance Chair; and Bill Everly Jr. as Assistant Finance Chair. The council went on to approve the reaffirmation of various staff appointments presented by Borough Manager Jeffrey Stonehill, as well as acknowledge the fidelity bonds in effect.

Coffman then presided over appointments to thirty-one different boards, commissions, and committees. Councilmember Hare spoke out against the existing appointees for the Curb and Sidewalk Board of Appeal due to his own interest in joining the group. Hare was subsequently overruled, and the motion carried. Three committees – the Energy Conservation Officer Committee, the Pedestrian and Bicycle Improvements Plan Advisory Committee, and the Storm Sewer Utility Rate Structure and Credit Program Advisory Committee – were either abolished or integrated into different groups in an attempt to streamline their operations. Apart from these few exceptions, all other appointees were unanimously approved.

The meeting concluded with an acknowledgement of David Beltz Sr.’s resignation from the Town Council. Beltz had been elected to represent the Fourth Ward but was never sworn in. Councilmember Hare recommended that Jennifer Davis, the candidate who had previously been running against Beltz, take over the position. There was no second to his motion. The council instead voted to proceed with their traditional method of replacing a council member by advertising for the position via a press release and conducting informal public interviews. Davis herself was in attendance, and upon hearing the council’s decision, walked out before the meeting came to a close.