Need a sweet treat? Support Washington County businesses with a new Ice Cream Trail this summer!

04 June 2024- Washington County Government is delighted to announce the launch of the 2024 Washington County Ice Cream Trail! This exciting summer adventure kicks off today, June 4, 2024, and runs until the last day of summer, September 21, 2024, offering residents and visitors a delicious way to explore our beautiful county.

The Washington County Ice Cream Trail is designed to highlight the best local ice cream shops in the area, providing a fun and tasty journey for ice cream enthusiasts of all ages. Participants are encouraged to visit each stop on the trail, enjoying unique flavors and supporting our local businesses.

To join the trail, participants can download the official Ice Cream Trail map from the Washington County website at The map includes all participating ice cream shops and details on how to complete the trail.

How to Participate:

  1. Download the Ice Cream Trail map (or obtain a map at any location on the trail).
  2. Visit each of the listed ice cream shops and enjoy a sweet treat.
  3. Get your Ice Cream Trail passport stamped at each location.
  4. Submit your completed map via online form or mail.

Everyone who completes the trail by the end of summer will receive a free, commemorative t-shirt to celebrate their accomplishment! It’s a perfect way to enjoy the summer, support local businesses, and earn a fun keepsake.

For more information, to download the map, and to stay updated on trail details, please visit Facebook users can also join the official Washington County Ice Cream Trail Group to connect with others traversing the trail.