Nearly 12.5% jump in PA’s December gaming revenue drives continued record gambling revenues

24 January 2024- The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (PGCB) reported today that the combined total revenue generated from all forms of gaming, along with fantasy contests, during December 2023 was $534,215,808, an increase of 12.47% compared to revenue generated in December 2022

The total revenue for December was a record high for a month eclipsing the $515,278,831 in revenue during March 2023. In addition, all-time monthly revenue highs were achieved for:

·         iGaming – $165,110,845 compared to $159,490,505 in September 2023; and

·         Sports Wagering – $72,506,446 compared to $63,674,326 in November 2021.

Sources of gaming revenue regulated by the PGCB include slot machines, table games, internet gaming, sports wagering, fantasy contests and video gaming terminals (VGTs). The PGCB has posted separate reports for these types of gaming on its website,

The following chart compiles all revenue generated in December 2023 by casinos, along with fantasy contests and VGTs operated by other vendors and includes a comparison to total revenue generated in December 2022.

SourceDecember 2023Total RevenueDecember 2022Total Revenue% Change
Valley Forge Casino Resort$92,164,225$64,575,22142.72%
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$75,656,016$74,918,6910.98%
Parx Casino$57,429,118$54,562,7035.25%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$51,314,341$50,311,6771.99%
Wind Creek Bethlehem$46,625,409$43,783,3916.49%
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$35,846,359$30,138,24118.94%
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$32,423,310$33,746,762-3.92%
Live! Casino Philadelphia$25,533,481$23,295,4939.61%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$23,062,350$18,273,87726.20%
Mount Airy Casino Resort$19,310,220$19,660,257-1.78%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$19,287,728$19,311,589-0.12%
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$10,595,995$10,115,1194.75%
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$9,370,459$7,249,40429.26%
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$9,254,358$8,874,7404.28%
Hollywood Casino York$9,030,428$8,620,7324.75%
Golden Nugget$3,635,184n/an/a
Video Gaming Terminals$3,434,352$3,331,3283.09%
Parx Shippensburg$2,929,358n/an/a
Bally’s Pennsylvania$2,767,617n/an/a
Fantasy Contests$2,459,614$2,772,059-11.27%
The Casino at Nemacolin$2,085,886$1,448,20144.03%
Statewide Total$534,215,808$474,989,48712.47%

Total tax revenue generated collectively through all forms of gaming and fantasy contests was $217,952,594* during December 2023.

December Revenue by Game Type

The PGCB is also providing a synopsis of revenue year-over-year by types of games: 

Type of Gaming RevenueDecember 2023December 2022% Change
Retail Slots Revenue$207,776,416$198,027,5454.92%
iGaming Slot Revenue$116,877,635$91,582,15127.62%
Retail Tables Revenue$82,928,134$81,655,9981.56%
Sports Wagering Revenue$72,506,446$54,624,27132.74%
iGaming Tables Revenue$45,829,060$40,362,64313.54%
Video Gaming Terminals Revenue$3,434,352$3,331,3283.09%
Fantasy Contests Revenue$2,459,614$2,772,059-11.27%
iGaming Poker Revenue$2,404,150$2,633,491-8.71%
Total Gaming Revenue$534,215,808$474,989,48712.47%

Slot Machine Revenue

December’s revenue from slot machines was $207,776,416, a 4.92% increase in revenue when compared to the $198,027,545 generated in December 2022.

The number of slot machines in operation in December 2023 was 24,990 compared to 25,391 at the casinos in December 2022. 

Slot machine revenue for each of the casinos, with the percentage change reflected over the previous year, is as follows. 

CasinoDecember 2023 Slots RevenueDecember 2022 Slots Revenue% Change
Parx Casino$32,421,919$32,758,115-1.03%
Wind Creek Bethlehem$23,386,247$22,088,1145.88%
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$23,370,909$22,858,6752.24%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$14,802,659$14,500,4742.08%
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$14,264,704$13,788,4433.45%
Live! Casino Philadelphia$12,461,908$10,460,16419.14%
Mount Airy Casino Resort$12,401,279$11,386,8858.91%
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$12,360,347$12,093,1362.21%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$10,783,065$11,156,892-3.35%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$9,717,198$10,030,185-3.12%
Valley Forge Casino Resort$9,028,504$8,548,9985.61%
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$8,844,704$8,104,3929.13%
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$7,519,486$7,204,6934.37%
Hollywood Casino York$6,858,925$6,903,350-0.64%
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$4,840,223$4,825,3530.31%
Parx Shippensburg$2,873,518  
The Casino at Nemacolin$1,840,819$1,319,67539.49%
Statewide Total$207,776,416$198,027,5454.92%

Tax revenue from the play of slots machines in December 2023 was $105,302,407*.

Retail Table Games Revenue

Retail Table games revenue for December 2023 was $82,928,134, an increase of 1.56% from December 2022 when revenue was $81,655,998.

Table games revenue for each of the casinos, with the percentage change reflected over the previous year, is as follows.

CasinoDecember 2023 Table Games RevenueDecember 2022 Table Games Revenue% Change
Wind Creek Bethlehem$20,876,145$20,025,4224.25%
Parx Casino$17,864,835$15,802,41713.05%
Live! Casino Philadelphia$9,198,620$8,682,7895.94%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$8,127,422$8,848,631-8.15%
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$6,763,589$8,689,176-22.16%
Mount Airy Casino Resort$3,214,493$3,231,778-0.53%
Valley Forge Casino Resort$2,672,998$2,546,5734.96%
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$2,363,132$2,016,41217.19%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$2,168,456$1,857,49616.74%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$2,133,310$3,020,905-29.38%
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$1,813,062$1,733,2184.61%
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$1,598,443$1,740,049-8.14%
Hollywood Casino York$1,586,567$1,277,75424.17%
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$1,384,687$1,049,14431.98%
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$874,953$1,005,708-13.00%
The Casino at Nemacolin$245,067$128,52690.68%
Parx Shippensburg$42,356n/an/a
Statewide Total$82,928,134$81,655,9981.56%

Total tax revenue from table games play during December 2023 was $13,576,863*.

Internet Casino-Type Gaming (iGaming) Revenue

Casino games offered online generated monthly gross revenue totaling $165,110,845 during December 2023 compared to $134,578,285 in December 2022, an increase of 22.69%.

A breakdown of revenue of casino games offered online is as follows:

Casino OperatoriSlotsRevenueiTables RevenueiPoker RevenueTotal iGaming Revenue
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$41,078,752$19,538,279$334,265$60,951,296
Valley Forge Casino Resort$25,666,145$15,608,935 $41,275,080
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$26,243,726$4,964,744$111,493$31,319,964
Harrah’s Philadelphia$7,405,109$1,985,590$481,588$9,872,288
Parx Casino$3,882,834$778,347 $4,661,181
Mount Airy Casino Resort$1,490,696$728,689$1,476,803$3,696,187
Golden Nugget$3,285,151$350,033 $3,635,184
Live! Casino Philadelphia$2,507,583$603,973 $3,111,557
Bally’s Pennsylvania$2,239,117$528,500 $2,767,617
Wind Creek Bethlehem$1,807,596$324,860 $2,132,455
Mohegan Pennsylvania$1,270,926$417,110 $1,688,036
Statewide Total$116,877,635$45,829,060$2,404,150$165,110,845

Tax revenue generated from internet gaming play during December 2023 was $70,816,197*.

Total iGaming revenue for each of the casinos during December 2023 and December 2022, if applicable, is as follows:

OperatorDecember 2023
iGaming Revenue
December 2022
iGaming Revenue
% Change
Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course$60,951,296$60,086,3971.44%
Valley Forge Casino Resort$41,275,080$26,857,36553.68%
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$31,319,964$28,538,5969.75%
Harrah’s Philadelphia$9,872,288$4,026,171145.20%
Parx Casino$4,661,181$3,711,40525.59%
Mount Airy Casino Resort$3,696,187$4,401,653-16.03%
Golden Nugget$3,635,184n/an/a
Live! Casino Philadelphia$3,111,557$3,101,3420.33%
Bally’s Pennsylvania$2,767,617n/an/a
Wind Creek Bethlehem$2,132,455$1,468,14345.25%
Mohegan Pennsylvania$1,688,036$2,146,592-21.36%
Presque Isle Downs and Casinon/a$240,621n/a
Statewide Total$165,110,845$134,578,28522.69%

Sports Wagering Revenue

December 2023, total sports wagering handle was $925,570,368 or 22.62% above the December 2022 total of $754,849,873.

At the same time, the taxable revenue figure for December 2023 was $72,506,446, or 32.74% higher when compared to December 2022, when taxable revenue was $54,624,271.

December 2023 sports wagering total handle and revenue is as follows:

Casino OperatorTotalHandle3RetailRevenueOnline RevenueTotal Revenue
Valley Forge Casino Resort$394,378,356-$5,538$39,193,181$39,187,643
Hollywood Casino at the Meadows$235,749,519$262,013$18,956,509$19,218,523
Hollywood Casino Morgantown$52,015,254-$186,517$3,841,799$3,655,282
Rivers Casino Pittsburgh$33,030,629$588,941$1,699,871$2,288,812
Parx Casino$24,518,653$1,201,560$1,032,945$2,234,505
Harrah’s Philadelphia$40,961,871$403,828$935,726$1,339,554
Rivers Casino Philadelphia$25,868,223$681,489$402,400$1,083,889
Live! Casino Philadelphia$7,977,662$721,715$39,681$761,396
Hollywood Casino York$12,485,311$141,577$443,359$584,936
Hollywood Casino at Penn National$82,586,501$271,021$260,291$531,311
Mohegan Pennsylvania$7,323,763$151,517$294,747$446,264
Presque Isle Downs and Casino$1,459,868$350,184$0$350,184
South Philly Race & Sportsbook1$1,588,700$246,679$0$246,679
Wind Creek Bethlehem$1,877,732$167,248$63,313$230,561
Mohegan Sun Lehigh Valley2$1,259,135$182,313$0$182,313
Live! Casino Pittsburgh$1,605,735$152,849$0$152,849
Parx Shippensburg$56,078$13,483$0$13,483
Mount Airy Casino Resort$827,378-$1,719-$20-$1,739
Statewide Total$925,570,368$5,342,645$67,163,802$72,506,446