Movement at Scotland Campus as tenants told to vacate and remove all Christian iconography

29 November 2023- With a turnaround of less than two weeks, News Talk 1037FM is currently learning that Scotland Campus is in the process of being sold to a group from New York. We have also learned that current tenants, including the News Talk 1037FM affiliated Iglesia De Cristo Nuevo Pacto Ministerios Ebenezer, have been ordered to completely vacate the premises by December 9th.

Scotland Campus, as it is now known, was the former home of the Scotland School for Veterans Children. Since being established to home and school the orphaned children of Civil War Veterans over a century ago, the campus has undergone numerous iterations including most recently as a Christian education campus. In that time, churches that teach and preach in English and Spanish, like Iglesia De Cristo Nuevo Pacto, have been invited into their fold.

Recently, Global Vision Christian School, the Campus’ main tenant, vacated the property and relocated to Broadfording, Maryland. Since then, Iglesia De Cristo Nuevo Pacto Ministerios Ebenezer and the Scotland Campus Alumni Association have stuck around through the multiple attempts to sell the property by their holding ownership group out of Florida.

This development on the campus is all happening very quickly as a group possibly associated with another religious sect is in the process of purchasing the campus. Because of that, ALL religious iconography, symbols, books, and anything dealing with Christianity has been ordered to be taken off campus property. People still living on the campus have received phone calls telling them that they have to be moved out in less than two weeks.

We’re awaiting official updates from the new ownership group as well as those affected by the rapid changes. We’ll bring updates as soon as they are made available to us.