More than 11,000 people crossed the southern border yesterday — what can be done?

September 26 — With more and more people flowing into the country illegally at the southern border, governors in the southern states are all but screaming for help from the federal government, which is apparently falling on deaf ears. 

Congressman John Joyce said, “Yesterday, over 11,000 illegals arrived at our southern border. Even Democrats are recognizing that this is a crisis that is not going to go away and it’s time for the Senate to pass the Secure Border Act and confront this process head on. I want to conclude with three things that we have to do. We have to finish the wall. We have to end the catch and release program. And the third and equally important is we have to reinstate President Trump’s Remain in Mexico program. We have to secure our border. It is part of the sovereignty of our country and we as Republicans in the House of Representatives are ready to take up that battle this week.”

Pat Ryan of NewsTalk 103.7FM pointed out, “It doesn’t look like anybody else is really interested in doing that. I mean you’ve got 11,000 running across and I don’t see anything happening at all with the southern border. They’re saying there’s nothing to see here. It seems to be carried by some of your fellow lawmakers and certainly by the media.”

Joyce said, “It’s certainly carried by the media. The Democrats I think have to be held accountable. Every state is a border state and their states whether it’s New York, whether it’s California, and certainly in Pennsylvania, we have to secure the border and this week, this is our opportunity to make sure that border security, that Homeland Security is passed through the appropriations process.”

Michele Jansen of NewsTalk 103.7FM asked, “What specifically, what pressure points can you put on to address the things at the border to make them change some of this policy and actually close it? You’re right, the momentum should be there because even Democrats of course are recognizing how things are going south when it comes to all these people crossing the border.”

Joyce said, “I think HR2, which does secure our border. I think we’ve been placing an emphasis on that and tying that to these pieces of legislation and put Democrats because they’re individual amendments that we are going to vote on this week. Individual amendments that need to be brought forth. To pass these appropriation bills, we’re going to tie together some important border policy, border regulation and border protection. I think the president should go to the southern border and join in a line with a border patrol in protecting our country. Joining a union march is a reprehensible action as our southern border continues to remain porous. I welcome him. I will go to the border with him and I look forward to seeing what he would see when you saw these illegals continue to pour, over 11,000 yesterday alone, as you continue to see and he does his own little dance on a union line. I find that reprehensible and I think it’s a publicity stunt. You and I recognize what it is. He’s looking for a union vote. I get it. I see that. But our border continues to suffer and Biden continues to turn away from what the real problems are.”