More felony charges for woman accused of identity theft, cashing phony checks in Chambersburg

30 November 2023- Add 10 more felonies to a growing list of charges a New Jersey woman is facing following a spree of identity thefts and bank frauds in Franklin County, PA. Brandi Lynn Albano is charged in one of her newest cases with three felony counts of forgery, three felony counts of identity theft, and three misdemeanor counts of receiving stolen property. In Albano’s other new case, she’s facing two felony counts of forgery, two felony counts of identity theft, and three misdemeanor counts of receiving stolen property. The combined bail on both cases totals $100,000. Albano is also facing charges out of Greencastle for similar alleged actions as well as running from police.

Albano’s first recent case involves her allegedly using the identity of another woman at multiple Patriot Federal Credit Union branches in the Borough of Chambersburg. In one of the incidents, Albano allegedly used a fake identity to try to cash a check for $2,600. She allegedly then tried to use the same tactic at the Wayne Avenue PFCU branch with the same stolen identity.

The victim later told the police that her checkbook was stolen from her vehicle prior to the incidents at the bank. Therefore, she did not authorize the cashing of the checks.

Albano allegedly also tried the same tactic at the S Federal Street PFCU branch. The transaction was rejected by the bank due to appearance discrepancies between Albano and the victim that were evident on bank photography files.

In Albano’s second recent case, she allegedly tried to perpetrate the same fraud in the Borough, this time at the Corning Credit Union location on Norland Avenue. Albano successfully cashed multiple checks, totaling $5,000. According to CPD, Albano ALSO took these checkbooks from the vehicle of the newest victim.

Other police departments in Franklin County have experience with Albano, with her recently being charged with check fraud and identity theft for check cashing in Greencastle. Her alleged accomplice, Obrian Marques Javon Fields, is also behind bars in Franklin County after police say he was involved in a number of smash and grabs and bank frauds.

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