More charges for Shippensburg man accused of abusing 911 system, this time while allegedly drunk

15 March 2024- A man who has been charged with 91 previous counts of abusing the 911 system in Cumberland County is again facing similar charges after seemingly calling 911 while drunk. Steven Blake is charged with misdemeanor communications with 911 and is awaiting a summons for that offense.

Pennsylvania State Police were again dispatched to the home of Steven Blake on Britton Road in Shippensburg Township on the evening of March 9th, at around 11pm. Cumberland County 911 told PSP that Blake had called three times in the past hour.

Troopers immediately made contact with Blake and interviewed him. When they approached Blake, Troopers say he was extremely intoxicated and unable to stand properly. When asked why he was calling tonight, Blake allegedly told them that he is allowed to call 911 as much as he wants to. “Whenever he calls, someone must answer the phone, and he can do it as much as he would like”, said PSP Troopers in their report.

Blake, PSP say, has now contacted PSP Carlisle and the Cumberland County 911 Dispatch Center hundreds of times and has been cited accordingly.

Steven Blake is currently free and awaiting a preliminary hearing.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-09301-CR-0000098-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-311107