Michaux State Foresters pull over litter bug, find he has multiple out of state warrants

29 November 2023- It appears a warrant from almost 10 years ago strikes in Franklin County, PA solely because the wanted man threw trash out of a car in Michaux State Forest. Steven Wayne Karichner is behind bars after failing to post bail of $50,000. Karichner is facing charges in Pennsylvania of arrest prior to requisition and facing extradition to Maryland on prior warrants.

Rangers with the Michaux State Forest were on regular duty on Monday, November 27th around 4:30pm when they noticed a man throw what appeared to be an aluminum can out the passenger side window of a car in front of them. That action caused a traffic stop at a location on Ridge Road.

Rangers spoke with the driver, Steven Karichner, and realized that he was driving with a DUI suspended license. It was at this time Rangers realized that Karichner had multiple warrants for failure to appear following an arrest for DUI in 2016. That DUI and numerous failure to appear bench warrants look to be sending Karichner, who has addresses listed in Maryland and Pennsylvania systems in Newville and Carlisle, respectively, back to Talbot County.

Steven Karichner is behind bars, likely awaiting transport to Maryland. His hearing is set for December 28th.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39307-CR-0000272-2023, Incident No.: 810123194, Citation Number: 000000HV85057