Mercersburg man has to be tased twice, sends Trooper to hospital for harmful fluid exposure after arrest

29 January 2024- A domestic incident in Peters Township eventually spirals into more charges of assaulting an officer for a Mercersburg man. Donald Franklin Donahue Jr. is charged with felony assault of a law enforcement officer and misdemeanor resisting arrest. Donahue is behind bars on $50,000 bail.

Pennsylvania State Police were the first department to be called to a home on Buchanan Trail West, Peters Township, for a reported domestic involving an “extremely intoxicated” man trying to leave in a vehicle. That man’s wife reportedly tried to prevent him from leave, culminating in an assault reportedly perpetrated by that man. Police eventually identified this an as Donald Donahue, Jr.

When Troopers responded, the quickly tried to take Donahue into custody. However, Donahue allegedly resisted arrest multiple times, causing officers to be in contact with his blood. Donahue allegedly injured himself earlier, causing an open wound which eventually contacted one of the Troopers. Additionally, officers say that Donahue spit in one of their faces, which eventually led to the Trooper being taken to Chambersburg Hospital for potential exposure to harmful bodily fluids.

Continuing to resist, Greencastle PD officer were contacted to assist the numerous PSP Troopers on scene. During the transfer from PSP cars to the GPD vehicle, Troopers say they had to tase Donahue twice in the abdomen because of his failure to comply. Donahue was eventually taken to Franklin County Jail and booked.

Donald Donahue is behind bars on $50,000 bail.

Sources: Docket Number: MJ-39304-CR-0000032-2024, Incident No.: PA 2024-116748